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Who are PCA?

We support SMEs with core software.

PCA is a comprehensive service business that offers core business package software developed in-house.
We provide support for the implementation and operation of products and services so that we can help you with your business according to your needs.

Abundant experience and achievements

Company established by CPA
Founded in 1980
Package installations
Cumulative 240,000 companies
Cloud installations
Over 18,000 companies Over 18,000 companies

A safe infrastructure environment

Double backup
Dedicated and remote lines
Double support for customers
Annual utilization rate of cloud environment

Robust support system

Number of bases nationwide
Sales partners
2,000 companies
Number of annual seminars held
Call center system
150-person system

Stable management base

Stock income composition ratio
Over 50%
Own capital ratio
60% to 70%
Completely debt-free management
Borrowing: 0

What are the company’s strengths?

In addition to providing systems, we support SMEs with the collective power of our PCA staff.

Core business systems that can be operated with peace of mind are essential regardless of business size. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we focus not only on stable operation of the system, quick updates and provision of necessary functions, but also on the support from our staff. Aiming to become a "Management Support Company," we aim to create an environment where customers can use our products with peace of mind.

  1. Trust and achievements
    Experience and know-how of introducing core business systems for various industries over many years
  2. Flexible response
    Ability to incorporate various services for a wide variety of applications and build systems and business flows
  3. Reliable support system
    A support system that makes it easy to ask us about anything from daily operations to future requirements

Basic strategy

Based on our four basic strategies, we aim to be a company that works even more closely with our customers.

Recently, many accounting software products have been released for both cloud and package software. We are leveraging our experience and achievements cultivated over many years to become closer partners to our customers, and we are promoting the development and strengthening of new products and services that only PCA can provide.

The future of PCA

To establish a position as a "Management Support Company"

We will strengthen our system to anticipate changes in the world and reflect them in our products and services. We will also expand the range of products and services that we provide as one-stop services related to corporate management and operation.

This Medium-Term Management Plan will focus on solidifying the revenue base and business management base to realize the medium- to long-term vision. Short-term:Execute 'seed sowing' to revive and strengthen profit-making capabilities, Enhancement and growth trajectory of in-house products, cloud services, and maintenance services. Mid-term:Promote a system for developing new businesses, new products, and new services that anticipates changes in the world. Long-term:Expand the range of one-stop services related to corporate management and operation, and establish a Management Support Company with a focus on the 'management support business' of client companies.